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Someone on Twitter mentioned that in some regions of Germany, a common idiom for whenever there's mist in the forest is "The foxes are making coffee", and thought the image was evocative enough for an illustration.

Well, I took the bait! 🦊☕

#MastoArt #CreativeToot #Lineart

In the blog post she also seem to want more unregulated data mining.

I'm surprised, it's like she's doing the errands of big tech.

She want to allow big sites monetizing on pirated user uploaded content and she want to allow them to commercially data mine. Perhaps A13 is bad in some way, but by the looks of it it just enforces licenses and protects people against data mining.

FOSS is all about choosing the correct license and respecting those licenses. Same with A13.

Julia says" Commercial sites and apps where users can post material must make “best efforts” to preemptively buy licences for anything that users may possibly upload – that is: all copyrighted content in the world. An impossible feat."

That's her first objection. It's not written in the article, probably because it would be an impossible feat.

No Filters necessary if your site is <5 million visitors.

The whole hype is over nothing.

Julia Reda says "Here you can take a look at the final wording of Article 11 and Article 13."

Then she links to her own unofficial documents. The full official document is nowhere to be seen. I expected her to provide a link to the EU produced original, if there is one.

Does anyone have the real source?

Maybe her points are sensible, maybe not, how can we know without seeing the actual documents?

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In last week's blog post we said we were working on enabling a donor to send money to multiple creators at once instead of having to make multiple payments. Today we're happy to announce that this is now done for donations to European creators processed through Stripe.

Eventually we should be able to the same thing for donations to non-European creators as well, but we don't know yet when that will become possible.

To renew your donations, go to

I'm not well informed on art 13, but it surprises me when Foss people are against it. AGPLv3 should be respected, you agree? Of course. Creative common licenses should be respected, right?

But suddenly when anyone chose to put a © on their work, which means "ask me before you use it" then suddenly people cry

A 13 - forcing big companies to respect the license. Take down pirated content and prevent re upload.

Why are some Foss people not supporting this respect for licenses?

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Lots of thanks to everyone for suggestions for the Adobe CC alternatives list.

Here it is, let me know if there's anything you want added/corrected:

(Natron looks good too but it seems to be no longer maintained, and its official website's certificate has expired.)

#Adobe #CreativeCloud

It has come to my attention that @Matomo often uses the greeting "hello everyone" This phrase is better than the commonly used "Dear humans", as it is gender neutral and includes animals too.

I'm not saying that there is, but if there ever was a bot in the addressed group, it would be included as well.

"Hello everyone" is surely the least offensive and most including way of greeting a gender mixed group.

Perfect greetings and decentralised open source analytics. Impressive.

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Hey guys! If you're wondering why your website community isn't growing, one of the reasons could be due to people abandoning your sign-up and contact forms.

We have a feature where you can learn first-hand what's going wrong.

Form Analytics helps you identify and fix pain points in your online forms so you can hopefully grow and spread useful content to more people. Learn more here:

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Want to help Mastodon grow?

Frame a picture of the Mastodon logo, put it on your or someone else's grandma's coffee table among all the photos of your relatives! Your grandma won't notice it there, but all your aunts and uncles will be curious. They'll wonder who is this new relative?

In an attempt to research this weird looking new relative, they will stumbled upon the register page, and if there's anything your aunt and uncle is good at, it's signing up to random webpages. Bam! 💥 New user!

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🎉 Excited to present another of my project!

🌍 Atlasr, a truly open-source and free map browser,

The open-source map ecosystem is mature, but no mainstream tool à la Google Maps exists. Atlasr is the response to that.

#map #openstreetmap #oss #browser

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